What if I need an urgent translation, and there are no translators available?
The number of Qtokers available to provide you with an interpreter service is growing, so this sort of situation is increasingly rare. However, the best way to use our translation app, particularly if you need a specialist interpreter, is to book in advance.
I'm unsatisfied with the translation service I received, but I have already paid the translator. What now?
You are responsible for hiring the Qtoker so you should take reasonable steps to ensure the person can complete the project satisfactorily. This includes checking their experience and Qtoker rating. If you are unhappy with the translator service you are given, you can end it at any time.
When does the clock start ticking on a paid session?
Your session starts as soon as you start a discussion with a Qtoker, but discussions with the interpreter to agree the details and any other issues are free. When the interpreter service starts you should tap the Paid Session button or accept an invitation to a paid session from your Qtoker. This records the length of the Paid Session. Your translation might also be free, if the interpreter agrees to such an arrangement.
Whether I need to pay for international roaming while I’m using Qtok app?
You call the translator via the internet connection. All you need to have the Internet connection on your mobile phone with WiFi, 4G (LTE) or 3G.