Qtoker FAQs
How are the payments transferred to a Qtoker?
Payments will be automatically transferred to your Qtok account during the paid session. Fees will be automatically discounted from the account of the user and transferred into the account of the Qtoker. To transfer the money to your checking account*.
or PayPal account, it is necessary to fill in your payment information in your personal account on our website. You must collect at least 50 euros on your account to make a request to transfer the money to your bank account. You can directly request this to our tech support team or you can ask for an automatic transfer of your earnings at the end of every month.
* Transactions fees to the checking account will be covered by the Qtoker.
Can I get paid using my PayPal account?
Yes, we transfer money to PayPal accounts, although you should check PayPal's terms and conditions in your country.
How to switch to Qtoker mode?
In order to switch to Qtoker mode you will need to confirm your e-mail address first. Once your e-mail is already confirmed, go to the "Account" section, press the "Exit" (right top corner) and choose "Qtoker mode" in the appearing menu.
Where do I enter my promo code?
Once you switch to Qtoker mode in the Qtok translator app, you will see our terms and conditions. You will see the field to enter your promo code once you read and agree to the terms.
I forgot to enter my promo code. What now?
If you forget to use a promo code when registering you will need to register again using a different email address.
Do I have to be online at all times?
No, you don't. One of the advantages of Qtok is that we give you the opportunity to independently plan your schedule and the volume of work you take. You will have to be in touch only in two cases:
  1. If you have responded to a Quick Order,
  2. If you have scheduled a session with a client at a specific time.
How do I bid for an order?
Once your profile is complete you can start bidding for orders relevant to you. For example, if you offer Spanish to English translation services, you will see orders from clients looking for a Spanish translation. You pick the ones to bid for. Make sure you include as much detail as possible when responding to orders. For example, if you have medical knowledge or a particular qualification, include that information. The client reviews the bids received before choosing a translator. If this is you, the client will make contact through the app by message, chat session, or voice call. You will increase your chances of successfully winning orders by having a high rating and lots of positive feedback.
How to increase my rating?
Your rating is based on the feedback given by users that have worked with you. You can remind your clients of the importance of their evaluation by asking them to write a small review after a session.
How to accept an order and contact the customer?
Swipe the order line and press "Accept". The client will receive your contact information and contact you himself.
Is the app available in other platforms? (For example: Windows phone)
At the moment, we are planning to release the desktop version of Qtok for Windows computers. After that, we will consider launching the application for other mobile platforms.
The application requires me to install GooglePlay services. Is it really necessary?
GooglePlay services provides Internet data transmission, and this is necessary for you to receive orders, calls and messages from other users. It is impossible for Qtok to work flawlessly without it.